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Tuareg mats are woven from leather and reed by the Nomadic tribes of Northern Africa. Intricate designs stitched in camel or goat leather decorate these sturdy, elegantly casual floor coverings. The absence of pile makes them an excellent choice for under a dining table, but they're equally at home in a living room or bedroom.

This rug is vintage and has been repaired over the years by its original Tuareg tribal owners. You will notice irregularities in the leather stitching that speaks to its authenticity and age.

Size 137" x 95"

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Great design is all about the unexpected. It's about seeing stuff the way you've never seen it before. It's about touching and feeling and generally falling in love with the shockingly beautiful.

Twice a year Sam does the dirty work — scouring the markets in Morocco, Ethiopa, Cape Town and Jaipur for those stomach flippingly gorgeous finds you just can't get close to home. We aim for ethically made, fair trade products of the finest quality.

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